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Bullet-proofing my baby — Introduction

Back in 2007, I saw a rather shocking product video for a bullet-proof baby stroller, designed for safety-conscious urban parents. The site was, whose tag line is “Feeding Your Gadget and Tech Obsessions.” I thought it was silly and, with a price tag of $600, seriously overpriced. Still, when I started planning this article on website security, that was the first image that popped into my mind. Like most owners of small businesses and professional practices, my reputation is my carefully-nurtured baby. As someone who designs, writes copy for,


Sticky: Oops!

You may have noticed an abrupt change in the appearance of this site. For the past year, my non-billable hours have been devoted to customizing a child theme for a specific, well-regarded premium theme framework. A few days ago, the parent theme of that framework was updated. Oops! While the main pages showed only minor differences, the blog pages and archives went to hell in a freakish handbasket. While I’m trying to work with the framework publisher to figure out where things went wrong, I’m using a theme from CyberChimps.


The way I use Twitter

Accounts I have two major Twitter accounts. (My cats also have Twitter accounts, but I’m not going there right now.) In addition, I have set up Twitter accounts for several small businesses community organizations over the last few years, and still monitor/troubleshoot two of them. My two primary accounts are: ☞ @mwrk, my business account ☞ @katnagel, my personal account Who I follow If I’m following you from @mwrk, it’s probably because: ☞ You are a colleague I’ve worked with, or we’re acquainted through a professional email discussion list ☞


Taking advantage of some down time…

…to finish the redesign of my business website and update the content. Things will be shuffling around for the next week or so, before the dust clears. Current news will be on my personal blog at Life, the Universe, Everything.


Go Forth and Conquer

[Title stolen from TechCrunch.] One of the things I do on Sunday afternoons is read stuff that makes me think. Not always directly-work-related stuff, but interesting stuff that might kick my mental butt into taking a new direction, or make me think about myself and my work in new ways. I have a couple of regular go-to places, like Live Science and Arts and Letters Daily. I also collect interesting links during the work week from the people I follow on Twitter and some of my Facebook friends. Not directly-work-related



Domain transferred?  Check! WP installed?  Check! Theme installed?  Chec…oops!  Theme isn’t compatible with WP 3.0.  Bummer.  Back to the drawing board.


The upgrade to WP 3.1…

The upgrade to WP v3.1 did interesting things to my theme and the database. Please be patient while we fix stuff.


Sticky: Who Is MasterWork Consulting?

My name is Katherine Noftz Nagel. I started freelancing as a technical writer after a 17-year career as an R&D chemist. As my clients have changed, I’ve learned the skills and tools I needed to satisfy their needs. I’ve gradually added editing, web design, one-on-one computer coaching, web site audits and evaluations, Windows and Mac troubleshooting, and instructor-led training to my repertoire. This lets me customize the services I offer to my clients, providing exactly what each client needs for their current project. Freelancing suits me perfectly. I have an


Nobody here but us kittens…

‘Scuse me. There’s nobody home right now. Staff are busy carting over all the stuff from our old website. Sorry, gotta run. Neighbor’s coming over with TUNA!

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