Technical and business communication with intelligence and style 

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How I work

I listen.

I believe that my clients want personalized service that solves their specific problems, not a generic pre-packaged solution that leaves loose ends and satisfies no one. So, I listen. At our first meeting, I learn as much as I can about your business, the problem you need solved, and about your expectations for the project. Who are your customers? What information are they looking for? What will they do do with it once they find it? Is there a particular action you want them to take after they read your brochure, look up a procedure in your manual, or read a page on your website?

I do my homework.

Before I start work on your project, I will do a quick survey of best practices for your type of business, to see what your competitors are doing to solve similar problems. Then, I look for ways to implement those best practices, or find an innovative solution to make your organization stand out from the rest.

Whether I’m working online or in print, I organize the material in a logical way so that those who use the information can find it as soon as they need it. I analyze the audience, anticipate their information needs, and give them what they’re looking for without delay, confusion, or aggravation. I present the information on pages (in print or online) that are clean and attractive, so that the information is easy to read, and overly-fussy design doesn’t distract from the message.

I work hard to communicate with you.

Surprises are fun, when you’re a kid. As an adult, most of us prefer to know what we’re getting for our money. When you and I agree to work together, you’ll know what you’ll be getting at each stage of the project, and when you’ll get it. My proposals are detailed, with milestones and deadlines and a payment schedule.

I’ll keep listening to you. You’ll be involved in the process, making decisions at each milestone. When circumstances require changes in the project plan (there are always changes) we’ll discuss them.

If you have any question about what it will be like to work with me, please let me know. I’d be happy to set up a brief meeting or phone interview to discuss your concerns.

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