Technical and business communication with intelligence and style 

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MasterWork is a woman-owned company in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1986, MasterWork works with businesses, community organizations, and independent professionals to provide necessary information to their customers, clients, audiences, and staff.

Who am I?

Katherine Noftz Nagel, owner, MasterWork Consulting

Kat Nagel

My name is Kat Nagel, and I am passionate about making things make sense.

In elementary school, I annoyed my teachers by asking for reasons for everything they asked us to do. In high school geometry class, I added steps to the the required theorem proofs to eliminate ambiguity. In my college science classes, I rewrote the procedures in my lab manuals to fill in missing steps, provide better diagrams to show how stuff fit together, and explain what was happening in the experiment. At one of my summer jobs during my college years, I even volunteered to create a notebook of Standard Operating Procedures to help other new technicians in our chemistry research group learn to use the lab instruments.

I’m driven to solve problems, and then explain those solutions to other people.


Because I do my best work when I understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, and I figure other people have the same need to make sense out of their world.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry
      ~ University of Rochester
  • Technical Communication certificates (Basic & Advanced)
      ~ Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication


  • R&D chemist (17 years)
  • Technical and business communicator (25+ years)
  • Computer coach (15 years)
  • Web designer (10 years)

To learn more about me, please visit the blog, follow me on Twitter, & check me out on Facebook. You can also view my professional profiles on LinkedIn and Google+.

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